July-August 2017 | WELCOME TO CAMP BOBB




This contemporary oceanfront retreat is the centerpiece of this year’s 26th annual Beach & Bay Cottage Tour

Written By: Nick Brandi | Photographer: SCOTT KRALLER AND GRANT L. GURSKY

What do you get when you combine the talent of an elite Beltway interior designer with a very real need to accommodate her large family — all on a Bethany Beach plot that overlooks the ocean? The answer is a spectacular, one-of-a-kind beach home that not too surprisingly happens to be the centerpiece of the 2017 Friends of the South Coastal Library Beach & Bay Cottage Tour.

When Sandy & Stanley Bobb built the house in 1992, there were only eight family members to account for, including daughter Jodi. But while eight is enough, it ultimately proved to be only prologue to the onslaught of family that would follow. And that is why Jodi Bobb Macklin and her siblings pooled their resources and talents to create a loving, welcoming family getaway that is 21st-century friendly while preserving the traditions and institutions of the family she is proud to be part of to this day.

It was serendipitous that Jodi would be who she is when it came time to commit to the stem-to-stern renovation of the property. Turns out, Macklin is an elite and sought-after DC-area interior designer whose work has been featured in a variety of national and regional magazines. One of the capstones of her career was for her role as the designer assigned to renovate the $22 million “guesthouse” Evermay mansion in Georgetown, with Bethesda architect Jim Rill. 

With experience like that under her belt, tackling her 7,100 sq ft family home architecturally designed by SEA Studio, LLC of Bethany Beach, with its 10 bedrooms and 11 baths, was well within the reach of her ambitions. Thus, even a superficial glance at the spread screams “mission accomplished” at the bucolic ocean-side beach house, which now accommodates as many as 20 family members at a time, with Macklin, her parents and her siblings each having their own master suite to enjoy.

With all that activity year-round, the home needed to be “indestructible,” as Macklin put it. So the home now has a metal roof, not wood, and a paint job on the tough but decorative Azek exterior that will only have to be done once, rather than every year, which had been the case prior to the roughly eight-month renovation. The heavy lifting for the project was handled by Macklin’s longtime colleague Tim Tribbit, of Hickman Builders in Bethany Beach.

The kitchen of Camp Bobb, as the family affectionately refer to it, features two enormous 13-foot center islands decked out in Caesarstone, as are all the countertops, which are supported by laminate cabinetry provided by Sue Smith of Custom Cabinets in Delaware. Prefinished white-oak flooring appears in the kitchen, as it does throughout the open floor plan. The kitchen opens up to a screened-in porch with Phantom screens that raise to reveal spectacular views of the Atlantic, which the family revel in at every opportunity, according to Macklin. In fact, says Jodi, there are no conventional dining tables inside the home, as virtually every meal the family shares is had on the screened-in porch off the kitchen. 

Also off the kitchen awaits the great room, which features a state-of-the-art gas fireplace with hot-rolled steel wall input. Sectional seating — including a double-width chaise longue that can accommodate two, even three, people (which, Jodi says, the “little ones” take full advantage of for summertime siestas) — is provided by Montauk. Four bedrooms dwell on the home’s first level, two of which have private baths, plus a Jack-and-Jill and powder room.

With 10 bathrooms to deal with, a unique design concept for each was impractical. Thus each has penny rounds on the floor that showcase a different color — navy for the boys, turquoise for the girls -- with white-porcelain tiles of varying sizes and configurations on the walls of the showers. Durable area rugs from Dash & Albert in NYC grace the floors at strategic locations throughout the home.

With the constant flow of family members, plus friends and associates, there is a vibrant, upbeat vibe that suffuses Camp Bobb all year long. Does it ever get hectic? Macklin would admit that it does, but she would hasten to add that she wouldn’t have it any other way.

The 26th Annual Beach & Bay Cottage Tour will feature 10 exquisite homes on July 26 and 27, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tickets are available online, at BeachAndBayCottageTour.com, at the South Coastal Library and at several shops in the Bethany-Fenwick area. As a bonus feature for tourgoers, local artists will donate an original piece of art to be raffled at the conclusion of the two-day tour.

Project Architect:
SEA Studio Architects

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