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Chef Hari Camerona(MUSE.)a(MUSE.)a(MUSE.)a(MUSE.)Chef Hari Cameron



Owner, chef and James Beard nominee Hari Cameron pushes the culinary envelope with latest creation

Written By: The Rehoboth Foodie | Photographer: Grant L. Gursky

a(MUSE.) is anything but your typical restaurant. 

But owner, chef and James Beard nominee Hari Cameron is proving beyond a doubt that serious diners are ready for his daring expedition through locally sourced ingredients, artistically crafted in his own style of molecular gastronomy.

Now here’s the fine print: If you’re looking for a three-pound lamb shank wrapped in bacon with gravy and a mountain of mashers the size of a ’57 Chevy hubcap (not that there’s anything wrong with that), this is not the place for you. But if you’re prepared to take a walk on the wild side with Chef Cameron — dinner-wise, that is — you will not be disappointed.

The menu at a(MUSE.) is divided into Firsts, Seconds, Tastings and Finale. Firsts contains his legendary small-plate objets d‘art, including a Poached Lobster dish with carrot puree, lacto-fermented and shattered carrots (think liquid nitrogen!), lobster roe, bibb hearts and foraged rose hips. Another plate worthy of a MOMA exposition is the Potato Cream Soup decorated with hen o’ the woods mushrooms, pine nut crumbs (there’s that nitrogen again) charred & pickled onions and locally foraged pine salt. Soothing to eat. Beautiful to behold.

Our last course came from Seconds: Dogfish Ale-Infused Pâte à Choux Gnocchi with caramelized brussels sprouts, turnips 3-ways, crispy sage in sage brown butter and shaved Granny Smiths drizzled with paprika honey. The gnocchi are like tiny creampuffs scented with hops and grain. Their slight chewiness, paired with the tartness of the Grannys, sets off a party in your mouth.

Tastings offers 6-course and 11-course flights, and sweets from the delectably creative Finale are not to be missed. There’s even one with a pearl that you can eat. You’ll have to find that out for yourself.


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